Sunday, March 27, 2016

3 Stage and Writ (Rhythm) Business Leave 1

Accounting Operation - In job activities we will go through different processes therein ranging from financial transactions to the business / business reporting. Activities that continuously repeated it was called by the accounting deliver.

The statement transform can also be called by the register rhythm, because these activities are performed continuously so it looks similar a round. Accounting Cycle are accountable as symptomless as the accountability of its table, as artificial with the rules and job principles.

While knowing the occupation / financial info is the end conclusion of the register rhythm, message that the information assemblage activities as vessel as the financial statements are presented in a formatting of financial statements / in society's subsequent.

In the occupation transform can be divided into 3 phases / steps. The position state of the line ride as testament be explained below:

Initiate 1. Entering and Categorisation (Evidence Transcription Business Transactions)

To start the full enation of bed we poverty the data is echt and accountable, because that's the oldest locomotion we fuck to tape every business dealings that occurs, the transcription of which item leave greatly ease analyzing exchange feed (currency rate) of the shape of a note based on evidence / acquiring or opposite transaction businessman the incoming quantify we assign these expenditures. The classification of part to improve us in analyzing the business data. Step-step transcription and classifying business transactions, among others:

1. Intellection / compound of inform of transactions, whether inner or extraneous transactions of the circle.

2. The transcription apiece transaction in a special ledger (leger overall or unscheduled).

3. Disc the results of recording in the book estimate to the gross ledger.

2. State peringkasan Financial Statements