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Simple Concepts Management in Islamic Sharia

Arguably the current institutions of sharia on the rise. This is evidenced by the growth experienced by Islamic banks are growing very rapidly both within and outside the country.peluang usaha

As quoted from, in this case will be presented on the management of sharia. Because if we look at the management of sharia is not as important as other management.

management islam
Islam teaches mutual memebantu (image:

Sharia Management is a management to achieve optimum results which lead to the search blessings God. Dengen Thus, every step taken is based on the rules of Allah.

Then it can be dikatan contents of sharia management is everything associated with conventional management science that has been colored with the rules of the Koran, Hadith and some examples that have been made companions.

When diihat of understanding it can be said that the scope of sharia management is very broad, which may include marketing, production, quality, finance, sda, tablespoons, and so forth.

Even the hearts management (MQ) developed by Aa 'Gym can be said to be allied with manejemen sharia. In this case we will only discuss in the economy and the government in regards to marketing, finance, hr, quality, sda, and government regulation.bisnis rumahan

Surely everyone knows that pinsip economy in general and in particular the management to achieve maximum results with minimum labor. Conventional Prinsp is growing rapidly in the west.

Actually, Islam does not oppose this principle can even dikatan push this principle. But sharia management only add signs on conventional management to not only obtain the results of the world but also offset by the results of the hereafter.

With these signs that economic actors have a limit so that in running rodae economy is not harmful to others. So to better understand more about sharia management we need to know the Islamic view of the basic economic system.

In the Al-Quran explained that the property is one of the objects to test the faith of a person. Treasure also be catastrophic for a person in the afterlife if they are not able to use it correctly.usaha rumahan

In Islam there are two views about seeing the property, as a fellow human rights or ownership, Islam is mengharagai whereas in human relations to his god, that man had no rights whatsoever.

When we see the explanation above, in the management of sharia emphasis on the economy will not escape from prudence in dealing with possessions. With our fully applying sharia management will not make us love one oppressing others in running the economy.

When we now see Indonesia's economy is in crisis, it is also caused because we do not consider the character berekonomi. Besides joining the liberal management system (conventional), we also sometimes do things that are contrary to honesty.

With a system of sharia in general management as well as management of shari'a in particular are expected to give signs as yet unknown economic actors. With these signs will improve the welfare of all levels of society.

We take the example of sharia in the sale and purchase management. Dikatan the signs were that the city may not intercept and buy merchandise that is so that the villagers do not know the actual market price.Manajemen

In Islam also not allowed to fix the price that the market can not follow the law "and demand the provision". Now to encourage persistence seeks, in the management of sharia are saying baha impetus "behind the difficulties there must be the ease".

With a small sample can be menunjkkan no system is persistent and the side of those who are often harmed to go to a free market system.

With the introduction of the guidelines was expected that the echo persistence, honesty, equity, and protection of those who are weak will characterize the economy and government in Indonesia beloved.

Thus the explanation of management Islam , hopefully with the explanations we have come to understand about the importance of Islamic management. Thank you for reading our article, and I'll see you in another article.

Let Frugality with Energy Management

No doubt many of us who do not know this tenatang energy management. Yet when we know for certain energy management we consider to be some thing that is very important we do.

Quoted from, energy management is an integrated program which should be a very well designed and implementation is done by systematically to exploit the available energy effectively and efficiently.Peluang Bisnis

So what purpose dong energy management? The purpose of energy management in industry is afgar pemanfaattan seumber Adaiah can optimize energy and energy there.

energy management
never explored excessive energy (image:

It may be said with management or designing well in the utilization of energy sources is the fuel of an industry there will be savings in using fuel in accordance with the existing design.Manajemen

Not only energy resources that occur savings, energy savings will also be experienced in its use.

Besides this there are other objectives in energy management is to improve the efficient use of energy resources and energy and also use of the opportunities in order to increase the competitiveness of energy companies.

The emergence of energy management is backed background by several things, such as increasing energy prices it is caused by the price of fuel used to produce high-energy increases and energy price adjustments to the country's economy.

With energy management is expected to be memebantu public in obtaining supplies of energy at reasonable prices and in sufficient quantities. In addition it is also against the background of energy management by using enegri increasingly wasteful.

We need to know that Indonesia is one of the state energy terboros Asia. This is evidenced by the use of electricity only in a day is very boss not to mention the others.usaha rumahan

And still bayakk more of the background for the emergence of this energy management. Thus tu look at people who have not got the energy supply and the communities that have been wasteful with energy, then we need their energy Risk Management the right to be more and more people will mendpaatkanp energy supply.

Energy management is also our need for more days enegri being used more and more, and there is some energy that can not be made. If the energy can not be created is exhausted then we are no longer able to use it again.

We also need to innovate in order to reduce the energy pengggunaan. Such an explanation of the energy management , may be useful for us all. Thank you for reading our article, see you on the other artikle.

Pharmacy Management, Pharmacy Tips to Start Opening

We've all visited the pharmacy, whether to buy medicine or just delivering people to go there. Well certainly we wonder why now a lot of pharmacies established?

And still they get enough customers, amid the competition. Well this is caused by a pharmacy to have good management in its operation. As quoted from we need to consider in the management of the pharmacy.

Pharmacy management itself is a pharmacy management which is applied in the pharmacy. Although there certainly was small pharmacy management system consisting of several types of management such as financial management, purchasing management, sales management, supply management, marketing management and specialized management.bisnis rumahan

pharmacy management
the atmosphere in the pharmacy (image:

Definitely we already know about some of the management penegertian above, but what is special management? Special management merupakam typical management which applied a pharmacy in accordance with their specifics.

Examples of such transports are delengkapi pharmacy management with clinical laboratories, pharmacies with self-service, as well as a pharmacy that works with clinics and so on.

The procedure in the establishment of a pharmacy in accordance with Kepmenkes RI No.1332 / Menkes / SK / X / 2002, the requirements are as follows:

In order to get permission pharmacy, pharmacist or pharmacists who work with the owners of the means which has met the requirements set in place, including to the provision of pharmaceutical supplies and other pharmaceuticals.
Means dpat pharmacy was established in the same location with the service of commodities other than the pharmaceutical preparations.
Pharmacies can perform service activities perfomed commodities other than the pharmacy. The requirements that must be considered in the establishment of pharmacies:
Locations and Places
The distance is now no longer be persyarat, but it's better to consider in terms of deployment and equity of health services, the number of residents, as well as their purchasing power, environmental health, safety and easy to reach.

Buildings and Fittings
The building must have a comprehensive and sufficient to meet the requirements, as well as the technical requirements with demikaian mememnuhi will be in ensuring the smooth duties and functions of pharmacy.

A pharmacy must also be equipped with the equipment to be able to carry out their duties well, as for the supplies required in a pharmacy are as follows:

Tersedanya appliance disposal, processing and compounding such as scales, mortars, measuring cups etc. Also needed tools and supplies famasi storage, for example, medicine cabinets and refrigerator.
Packaging containers and packaging, labels and plastic packaging.
Special storage of narcotics, psychotropic substances, and toxic materials.peluang usaha

Books Indonesian Pharmacopoeia standards, ISO, MIMS, DPHO-, as well as a collection of law on pharmacies.
Administration tools, such as drug order forms, invoices, copies of the recipes and so on.
To become an authorized pharmacy we need to get permission from the government. To obtain a pharmacy license, APA or pharmacist described above. And to permit pharmacies (SIA) which the letter given to the Minister of Health, pharmacist or pharmacist and the owners of the means to open a pharmacy in suatau place.

Well this SIA pemeberian authority delegated to the Chief Minister Kesehetan District Health Office / City. Which Chief District Health Office / City shall report on the implementation of licensing, freezing, thawing, as well as a pharmacy license revocation.

The report is given annually to the Minister of Health and a copy submitted to the Provincial Health Director. Menkes RI accordance with the Decision No.1332 / Menkes / SK / X / 2002, Article 7 and 9 of the Terms and Procedures for Granting pharmacies, as follows:

Pharmacy license of the request submitted to the Head of District Health Office / City. Head of the Regency / City no later than 6 days after menerimana petition may be asked for technical assistance to the Head of the POM to check the readiness of local pharmacies in melauakn activity.
Team DHO / State or Head of POM later than 6 days after receiving the request technical assistance to report the results of examination to the Chief Medical Officer / town.
Dlaam examination in paragraph (2) and (3) is not implemented, pharmacists applicant can make a statement ready to conduct activities to the Head of the Local Health Office with copies to the Head of the Provincial Office.
Within 12 days of receiving the inspection report referred to in paragraph (3) or (4) the requirements of subsection (4), head of the local Health Department issued a license to the pharmacy.cara membuat email

When the examination results of the team local Health Department or the Head of the POM in question (3) is not eligible head of the local Health Department within 12 working days issued a delay.
Sebagainan delay to the letter of paragraph (6), the pharmacist may complete the requirements unmet sau slowest months after the release of the letter delays.
Terdapap license application pharmacies to be incompatible meet Governing Terms sesuia Article (5) or (6), or the location aptek that are not in conformity with the petition, the head of the local health service within a maximum period of 12 working days to issue a rejection letter along with the invitation why.
Now that's an explanation of the management of the pharmacy was good, hopefully earlier articles can benefit us all. Thank you for reading our article, and I'll see you in another article.

Ide Bisnis

According to Henry Fayol Management Concepts and Functions

We know that there are a lot of good guys abroad and within the country who expressed their opinions about management. Well from the many edu [aat them we would memeilih slaah of their opinions to be discussed then on the times.siklus akuntansi

Management discussion this time was Henry Fayol, cited not a secret anymore that the management has the function sabagai active role in every oraganisasi, company or even yourself to all the dikerjaakan runs regularly.

Management is also used to set up, run, and even control all activities of the company to achieve all targets (goals) that has been set in the beginning.

When we think of management as a science, then management is not only used within the scope of the company but is also used to manage yourself, the group states even require management as a guide or reference.pengertian akuntansi

management to Henry Fayol
Henry Fayol photo (image:

Graffin explains that management is a process perncanaan, organizing, coordinating, and controlling the existing resources in order to achieve all the targets effectively and efficiently.

Sendri effective means to achieve that goal stau planning, while efficiently is all existing tasks done correctly, organized, and conformed to the existing schedule.contoh laporan keuangan

The term management can be defined kedlaam three penegertian, namely:

Management as a process
Management as kolekstivitas people melakaukan management activities
Manejemen as an art as well as science
While the function of management is the emphasis on some elements which are generally contained in the management process which will be the basis of the managers in carrying out the activities in order to achieve the goal.

But when we look at the longer history of management functions, in which it has been described by the French berkembanngsaan industrialist Henry Fayol which is first introduced apda 20th century.

When it he explained that there are five functions of management, including designing, organizing, commanding, coordinate, and control. However, at this time has been condensed into three, namely:cara membuat instagram

1.Perencanaan (planning)
Is thinking about what we will do with a bunch of resources that belongs. This planning dilakuka to determine the purpose of a company as a whole as well as the most appropriate way to achieve that goal.

Renacana managers will evaluate all the alternatives before making a decision dai and see if the plan is suitable to achieve the existing target.

This planning process is the most important of all management functions because without planning, other functions can not be run properly.

2.Pengorganisasian (organizing)
This is done with the aim of sharing a great activity into smaller activities. With this organization will facilitate the work of managers in monitoring and determining those required to carry out the task that has been shared earlier.

Organizing can be done by determining what tasks should be done, who is doing, how the tasks are grouped, who's in charge of the work, and at which level decisions should be taken.strategi pemasaran

3.Pengarahan (directing)
Is an action in order to seek for all group members strive to achieve objectives consistent with manjerial planning and effort.

Well so is an explanation of the management of Henry Fayol, hopefully with our earlier penjelaan more mengatahui more about the management of Henry Fayol. Thanks memebaca our article, and I'll see you in another article.

12 Tips to Effective Management of emotions!

Sometimes we feel the emotion name whether it's positive or negative emotions. Negative emotions may be anger, hate and so forth, while positive emotions such as happy, happier and more excited. But if we can not control the emotion either positive or negative emotions is certainly not good.

Well that's where we need the name of the management of emotions. But what exactly is emotional management? Quoted from, anger management is the processing of emotions ourselves in the face of a problem.manajemen keuangan

anger management
forms of emotion (image:

Processing emotions is very important for us in dealing with the problem, because in the face of emotional problems should be controlled completely. When we look at most people can not control emotions in solving the problem.

If we do not control your emotions when troubleshooting a problem sometimes added terseut not finished even worse. The literature says that having intellectual intelligence is not enough, but we need to keep up with emotional intelligence.

When seen there are two main things in emotional intelligence, ie recognizing and managing emotions . By managing a good emotional intelligence emotions dat contribute to the happiness of people. An expert on emotional intelligence Goleman telling interesting stories.

Penn a brilliant student as well as creative, qualified applied by Yale Universuty. Problems facing Penn is incredibility him he would be proud. Therefore, in the words of a professor, students are "incredible arrogant".

Although Penn was superb, he was not liked by others, especially by those who have to work with him. Nonetheless, the value was incredible in the written exam. After he graduated, he was targeted by many companies.

Blue chip companies in related fields offered interviews to work, he is the best person when viewed from a resume. However, because pride is only one company that offered him a job to Penn. And even then only a second-class company.

Matt is a student of Yale other sejurusan with Penn, seen not so glorious academic. But he was good to get along so favored by those who worked with him.

After graduating, Matt was hired by seven of the eight companies were interviewed. Matt continued success in the field, while Penn was fired although only worked for two years to work in the company that originally received.

Matt has no emotional intelligence, while Penn (Goleman, Warking, hal.22).

If we take a lesson from the story bahwasannya to achieve success not only requires intellectual intelligence course, also requires management good emotions. But that does not mean intelligence quotient is not important.kerja sampingan

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The problem is how we will depend intellectual intelligence that we have. The more we rely on intellectual intelligence and emotional intelligence ignore then certainly we will be far away from success.

So we should give equal proportion between intellectual intelligence with emotional intelligence or even promoting emotional intelligence. This is because emotional intelligence will give way to success.

The success of a person is not just a factor of (GPA) even the best graduate academic standing. But those who have self-control, self-motivation, not easy emotional, patient, initiative, will have greater opportunities for success and happy mencapi easier.

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When we see a lot of people who have not been able to manage their emotions. There are some characteristics of people who have not been able to control his emotions.

Said loud and rude kepda others
Angry and meruasak objects near
Light hand to others
Committing a crime
Escape by using drugs, alcohol, promiscuity etc.
Crying and resentment mendala soluble, and many more characteristics
Keep on how to be managing emotions. There are several ways to manage her emotions, including:

1. Feel the Other People Feel
It's like empathy. Imagine a moment of anger to others, then imagine we have positioned them scolded. How does it feel? But if the angry nature educate not a problem, which becomes a problem when it blindly of course the pain tuh here.

2. Calm the Heart in place Comfortable
When we are angry turn our attention to something that most of us like and forget what happened. Look for a suitable place to cool down. When emotions we peaked maybe we need refreshing to freshen up.kerja online

3. Looking busyness Liked
So that we can relieve our emotions which have culminated we need a diversion remedy our anger to do something fun and make us forget our anger.

4. Estella To Others who believed
Tell me everything that weighed on our minds, perhaps by telling kepda others can alleviate and reduce the burden on our hearts. But remember curhatlah to people who believed that we curhatan not spread to oarng unwanted.

5. Finding Cause and Finding Solutions
Once our minds at ease, start looking for the source of the problem and how to meneyelesaikannya. To make it easier we look for pens and a piece of paper, write down any of our problems and their solutions. Choose the best way to solve it.

6. Want to Become a Good Person
When we are watching tv a good person is one who when angry to remain calm, to the point, do not hurt others, as well as finding the best way. Each person must want to be seen as a good person.

7. Forgetting Cuek and Existing Problems
When we are angry and we are conscious of being angry try to be indifferent to all our anger. Transform our anger into something important for us, or in other words, vent our anger with positive things.

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8. Rational Thinking Before Acting
Before we get angry with others we try to think twice if the issue makes us worthy to scold others with much emotion.

Sometimes there are people who just make eye contact with another person directly provoke anger and challenge in a way that invites conflict. Yet when we look at it is simply a matter of little moment, Avoid exaggerating trivial issues.cara membuat facebook

9. Diversification Objectives, Goals and Dream Life
The more ideals and our dreams, we will be busy with affairs to achieve it, set our dreams as high as possible but still realistic to achieve when we attempted hard.

It will make a trivial thing would not be important because kta busy to achieve our dreams. Debauched would be a waste of our precious time.

10. Do not Want to Control Emotions and Enslaved AmarahPeluang Bisnis

People who are easily angered and enough to make people feel uncomfortable disekar we've certainly is not very good. It resulted in social life will be worse. Pledge ourselves to be not irritable.

Ignore it to something that is not important. Suppose an uncontrollable rage is the biggest enemy for us when we need to ask for help to overcome them.

11. Do Replying Fire with Fire
To reduce the burden of other people we do not need to use the emotions, it is intended that problems do not become more complicated. We just need to listen to what you want delivered and do many respond.

Quiet, not many left and enter it into our hearts what the people angry. We just need to take the core course, the rest of us not waste that we should not participate emotion or add to the burden of our minds.

12. Immediately Apologizes With Good Way
When anger as a result of our actions then if not mistakes we explained to him properly. But if it is our fault we immediately apologized and resolved well stocked with an kesabran samua tranquility in overcoming anger.Manajemen

Thus the explanation of management emos i, hopefully we can take a lesson so that we control our emotions. Because emotions just wasting our energy and time alone. Thank you so much and see you in the next article

More Want Your Business Forward and Growing? Management did POAC

We certainly foreigners when they hear the word POAC. However, if we have understood the meaning of the POAC certainly we would say "oh it anyway POAC meaning." In the world of management often uses the principle POAC (Planning, Organizing, Actuating, and Controlling).

Quoted from, this principle is often used by large companies in order to promote and manage their organizations well. Well here is an explanation of the POAC (Planning, Organizing, Actuating, and Controlling):usaha rumahan

POAC management
singkataan of POAC (image:

1. Planning
Or is the Indonesian term planning, this plan has several factors that must be considered. The acronym SMART factors, namely:

a. Specifically, where a planning it should be clear meksud purpose or scope. Which is not too wide and not too idealistic.

b. Measurable, which may mean that a work program atupun plan must be measurable level of success.

c. Achievable, which dimaksukan is something that can be achieved. Which it is not a fantasy or wishful thinking alone.

d. Realistic, that is something that is in accordance with the capability and resources available. Not too easy even not too difficult. However, there should be a challenge in it.

e. Time, which means it is a clear time limit. Whether it's weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or even years. So that will help us remedy assess and evaluate it.

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2. Organizing
In order for a goal to be achieved then we need also organizing. Which in a company generally expressed in the form of an organizational chart. Next will be broken down into a variety of positions.

That every office has a duty, responsibility, authority, and also the position description alone. In which the higher the office, the higher the duties, powers, responsibilities sertatanggung.

Here is one of the principles of management itself, namely to divide the tasks according to their respective areas of expertise.

3. Actuating
If we only have good planning and organization it must be followed with good execution anyway. It is like to need hard work, smart work and cooperation.
peluang usaha

All the human resources that we have should we optimize efficiently as possible to achieve the vision, mission and programs of the organization's work. Actuating (execution of work) should also be in line with the work plan that we have collated.

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Unless there is a specific things or particular need of their fleksebelitas or rearrangements. Each Resources Mansusi should also work in accordance with the duties, functions and roles, skills and competencies which are owned.

Human Resources in order to achieve the vision, mission and also the organization's work program should we espouse.

If we want to work is progressing in accordance with the vision, the mission, the rules of the work program even then we also need control. This control is important in any form, be it shape suprvisi, watchdogs, even to audit inspections.

When we see the meaning of these words does have meaning respectively, but the most important point is that we can know early on irregularities or errors that occurred.

Whether it is still the early stages of planning, implementation and even in the stage of organizing. As soon as possible so that we can anticipate, corrections and adjustments to konsisi malakukan, the situation and the times.bisnis rumahan

Such an explanation of the management POAC , hopefully with the preceding add to our knowledge. Thank you for reading our article and see you in another article.