Thursday, May 12, 2016

Pharmacy Management, Pharmacy Tips to Start Opening

We've all visited the pharmacy, whether to buy medicine or just delivering people to go there. Well certainly we wonder why now a lot of pharmacies established?

And still they get enough customers, amid the competition. Well this is caused by a pharmacy to have good management in its operation. As quoted from we need to consider in the management of the pharmacy.

Pharmacy management itself is a pharmacy management which is applied in the pharmacy. Although there certainly was small pharmacy management system consisting of several types of management such as financial management, purchasing management, sales management, supply management, marketing management and specialized management.bisnis rumahan

pharmacy management
the atmosphere in the pharmacy (image:

Definitely we already know about some of the management penegertian above, but what is special management? Special management merupakam typical management which applied a pharmacy in accordance with their specifics.

Examples of such transports are delengkapi pharmacy management with clinical laboratories, pharmacies with self-service, as well as a pharmacy that works with clinics and so on.

The procedure in the establishment of a pharmacy in accordance with Kepmenkes RI No.1332 / Menkes / SK / X / 2002, the requirements are as follows:

In order to get permission pharmacy, pharmacist or pharmacists who work with the owners of the means which has met the requirements set in place, including to the provision of pharmaceutical supplies and other pharmaceuticals.
Means dpat pharmacy was established in the same location with the service of commodities other than the pharmaceutical preparations.
Pharmacies can perform service activities perfomed commodities other than the pharmacy. The requirements that must be considered in the establishment of pharmacies:
Locations and Places
The distance is now no longer be persyarat, but it's better to consider in terms of deployment and equity of health services, the number of residents, as well as their purchasing power, environmental health, safety and easy to reach.

Buildings and Fittings
The building must have a comprehensive and sufficient to meet the requirements, as well as the technical requirements with demikaian mememnuhi will be in ensuring the smooth duties and functions of pharmacy.

A pharmacy must also be equipped with the equipment to be able to carry out their duties well, as for the supplies required in a pharmacy are as follows:

Tersedanya appliance disposal, processing and compounding such as scales, mortars, measuring cups etc. Also needed tools and supplies famasi storage, for example, medicine cabinets and refrigerator.
Packaging containers and packaging, labels and plastic packaging.
Special storage of narcotics, psychotropic substances, and toxic materials.peluang usaha

Books Indonesian Pharmacopoeia standards, ISO, MIMS, DPHO-, as well as a collection of law on pharmacies.
Administration tools, such as drug order forms, invoices, copies of the recipes and so on.
To become an authorized pharmacy we need to get permission from the government. To obtain a pharmacy license, APA or pharmacist described above. And to permit pharmacies (SIA) which the letter given to the Minister of Health, pharmacist or pharmacist and the owners of the means to open a pharmacy in suatau place.

Well this SIA pemeberian authority delegated to the Chief Minister Kesehetan District Health Office / City. Which Chief District Health Office / City shall report on the implementation of licensing, freezing, thawing, as well as a pharmacy license revocation.

The report is given annually to the Minister of Health and a copy submitted to the Provincial Health Director. Menkes RI accordance with the Decision No.1332 / Menkes / SK / X / 2002, Article 7 and 9 of the Terms and Procedures for Granting pharmacies, as follows:

Pharmacy license of the request submitted to the Head of District Health Office / City. Head of the Regency / City no later than 6 days after menerimana petition may be asked for technical assistance to the Head of the POM to check the readiness of local pharmacies in melauakn activity.
Team DHO / State or Head of POM later than 6 days after receiving the request technical assistance to report the results of examination to the Chief Medical Officer / town.
Dlaam examination in paragraph (2) and (3) is not implemented, pharmacists applicant can make a statement ready to conduct activities to the Head of the Local Health Office with copies to the Head of the Provincial Office.
Within 12 days of receiving the inspection report referred to in paragraph (3) or (4) the requirements of subsection (4), head of the local Health Department issued a license to the pharmacy.cara membuat email

When the examination results of the team local Health Department or the Head of the POM in question (3) is not eligible head of the local Health Department within 12 working days issued a delay.
Sebagainan delay to the letter of paragraph (6), the pharmacist may complete the requirements unmet sau slowest months after the release of the letter delays.
Terdapap license application pharmacies to be incompatible meet Governing Terms sesuia Article (5) or (6), or the location aptek that are not in conformity with the petition, the head of the local health service within a maximum period of 12 working days to issue a rejection letter along with the invitation why.
Now that's an explanation of the management of the pharmacy was good, hopefully earlier articles can benefit us all. Thank you for reading our article, and I'll see you in another article.