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According to Henry Fayol Management Concepts and Functions

We know that there are a lot of good guys abroad and within the country who expressed their opinions about management. Well from the many edu [aat them we would memeilih slaah of their opinions to be discussed then on the times.siklus akuntansi

Management discussion this time was Henry Fayol, cited not a secret anymore that the management has the function sabagai active role in every oraganisasi, company or even yourself to all the dikerjaakan runs regularly.

Management is also used to set up, run, and even control all activities of the company to achieve all targets (goals) that has been set in the beginning.

When we think of management as a science, then management is not only used within the scope of the company but is also used to manage yourself, the group states even require management as a guide or reference.pengertian akuntansi

management to Henry Fayol
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Graffin explains that management is a process perncanaan, organizing, coordinating, and controlling the existing resources in order to achieve all the targets effectively and efficiently.

Sendri effective means to achieve that goal stau planning, while efficiently is all existing tasks done correctly, organized, and conformed to the existing schedule.contoh laporan keuangan

The term management can be defined kedlaam three penegertian, namely:

Management as a process
Management as kolekstivitas people melakaukan management activities
Manejemen as an art as well as science
While the function of management is the emphasis on some elements which are generally contained in the management process which will be the basis of the managers in carrying out the activities in order to achieve the goal.

But when we look at the longer history of management functions, in which it has been described by the French berkembanngsaan industrialist Henry Fayol which is first introduced apda 20th century.

When it he explained that there are five functions of management, including designing, organizing, commanding, coordinate, and control. However, at this time has been condensed into three, namely:cara membuat instagram

1.Perencanaan (planning)
Is thinking about what we will do with a bunch of resources that belongs. This planning dilakuka to determine the purpose of a company as a whole as well as the most appropriate way to achieve that goal.

Renacana managers will evaluate all the alternatives before making a decision dai and see if the plan is suitable to achieve the existing target.

This planning process is the most important of all management functions because without planning, other functions can not be run properly.

2.Pengorganisasian (organizing)
This is done with the aim of sharing a great activity into smaller activities. With this organization will facilitate the work of managers in monitoring and determining those required to carry out the task that has been shared earlier.

Organizing can be done by determining what tasks should be done, who is doing, how the tasks are grouped, who's in charge of the work, and at which level decisions should be taken.strategi pemasaran

3.Pengarahan (directing)
Is an action in order to seek for all group members strive to achieve objectives consistent with manjerial planning and effort.

Well so is an explanation of the management of Henry Fayol, hopefully with our earlier penjelaan more mengatahui more about the management of Henry Fayol. Thanks memebaca our article, and I'll see you in another article.