Thursday, May 12, 2016

More Want Your Business Forward and Growing? Management did POAC

We certainly foreigners when they hear the word POAC. However, if we have understood the meaning of the POAC certainly we would say "oh it anyway POAC meaning." In the world of management often uses the principle POAC (Planning, Organizing, Actuating, and Controlling).

Quoted from, this principle is often used by large companies in order to promote and manage their organizations well. Well here is an explanation of the POAC (Planning, Organizing, Actuating, and Controlling):usaha rumahan

POAC management
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1. Planning
Or is the Indonesian term planning, this plan has several factors that must be considered. The acronym SMART factors, namely:

a. Specifically, where a planning it should be clear meksud purpose or scope. Which is not too wide and not too idealistic.

b. Measurable, which may mean that a work program atupun plan must be measurable level of success.

c. Achievable, which dimaksukan is something that can be achieved. Which it is not a fantasy or wishful thinking alone.

d. Realistic, that is something that is in accordance with the capability and resources available. Not too easy even not too difficult. However, there should be a challenge in it.

e. Time, which means it is a clear time limit. Whether it's weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or even years. So that will help us remedy assess and evaluate it.

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2. Organizing
In order for a goal to be achieved then we need also organizing. Which in a company generally expressed in the form of an organizational chart. Next will be broken down into a variety of positions.

That every office has a duty, responsibility, authority, and also the position description alone. In which the higher the office, the higher the duties, powers, responsibilities sertatanggung.

Here is one of the principles of management itself, namely to divide the tasks according to their respective areas of expertise.

3. Actuating
If we only have good planning and organization it must be followed with good execution anyway. It is like to need hard work, smart work and cooperation.
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All the human resources that we have should we optimize efficiently as possible to achieve the vision, mission and programs of the organization's work. Actuating (execution of work) should also be in line with the work plan that we have collated.

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Unless there is a specific things or particular need of their fleksebelitas or rearrangements. Each Resources Mansusi should also work in accordance with the duties, functions and roles, skills and competencies which are owned.

Human Resources in order to achieve the vision, mission and also the organization's work program should we espouse.

If we want to work is progressing in accordance with the vision, the mission, the rules of the work program even then we also need control. This control is important in any form, be it shape suprvisi, watchdogs, even to audit inspections.

When we see the meaning of these words does have meaning respectively, but the most important point is that we can know early on irregularities or errors that occurred.

Whether it is still the early stages of planning, implementation and even in the stage of organizing. As soon as possible so that we can anticipate, corrections and adjustments to konsisi malakukan, the situation and the times.bisnis rumahan

Such an explanation of the management POAC , hopefully with the preceding add to our knowledge. Thank you for reading our article and see you in another article.