Thursday, May 12, 2016

Effective Management of Public Relations and 4 Task Anyway

When we are in an organization there must be a division of PR (public relations). Where this division in charge of relations with masysrakat organization where the organization is located. It is a simple sense of public relations.cara membuat email

PR management
forms of public relations management (image:

Quoted from, public relations when in foreign terms are pubilc relations. However meurut Rachmad Kriyanto precise equalization of both shells. So even though the term is already used in naming the PR in the community.

Meanwhile, according to the dictionary Fund and Wagnel, public relations is all the activities and techniques used an organization or individual to create or maintain a good attitude and response of the outsiders for the existence and activity.manajemen keuangan

So we can say the management PR (public relations) is one of the processes in dealing with planning, organizing, communicating and coordinating seriously and rationally toward a common goal for an institution.

According to M. Sobry Sutikno PR has the main task, the following are the main tasks of the PR:

1. Being an intermediary of the leaders in social as well as providing information to the public or other parties who need the information from the organization.

2. Assist the leader in terms of preparing all the material relating to the cases as well as information that will be given to people who menaraik at a certain time.strategi pemasaran

3. Assist leader in developing a plan and follow-up activities which related to service to the community, as a consequence of reciprocal communication with external parties to raise hopes of an improvement of the activities undertaken or organizations.

4. Provide information and ideas to the community or other parties who become targets of the organization.

So we can conclude that the role of PR is very important for an organization, with the PR is good then the relationship between the community and the organization also will terjali well. With this relationship will be giving out benefits to the company and the community.

That requires a good person in a position of communication in this PR. With good communication will facilitate PR in providing any information to the public, so that the public is not wrong perception of the information provided.

Well so is an explanation of the management of Public Relations , hopefully with the information only add to our knowledge about the management of Public Relations. Thank you for reading our article, see the other articles.