Thursday, May 12, 2016

4 Ways to Effective Management of Laboratory Management!

It must have been familiar with the name laboratory. Laboratory merupaakna integral part of academic fields, so that the management laboartorium requires planning in line with academic planning.

Laboratory has a huge role in determining the quality of education for laboratoriumlah which produces scientific works of the plume, which can not be produced by other institutions.

So that the quality universities, laboratories become part of a very advanced.kerja sampingan

Quoted from, Laboratory Management Procedures Manual is a series of actions which must be performed by a laboratory manager in order to guarantee the quality of the laboratory can be implemented properly.

Such actions dpaat includes planning, execution, control, and laboratory improvement. Laboratory management procedures are all the steps to be taken by the manager of the laboratory so that the laboratory that manages good quality.

Laboratory management
Management Laboratory (Image:

The steps include, perncanaan, execution, control, and improvement (P4).

Laboratory management is an activity organized a group of people, money, equipment, facilities, and all other physical objects with effective and efficient in order to achieve certain goals or expected optimally.

For laboratory management in general can include aspects:

1.Perencanaan is both systematic, analytical, logical about all the activities that must be done, steps, methods, tbs, energy, and funds are needed in order to achieve a predetermined goal.

2.Penataan of equipment and materials, a process of setting tools or materials in the laboratory so well ordered and if needed we can find it easily.

3.Pengadministrasian laboratory, is a process of recording or investarisasi facilities and laboratory activities. With the proper administration of then all facilities as well as laboratory activities can teroganisi with sistmatis.

4.Pengamanan, maintenance, and supervision.

In the laboratory management, in this case related to the management of quality, should we design so sealu improve the effectiveness and efficiency of its work, in addition must consider the needs of all interested parties in the laboratory.manajemen keuangan

Some of the things we have to consider in its management of human resources, facilities and infrastructure, and also the use of laboratories.

In the use of good laboratory used for lab work or study must submit pennguanannya schedule in advance, it is intended that there is no overlap in the use of the laboratory.

In addition we also have to use laboratory equipment when using the lab, such as suits, masks, and gloves (if necessary) and also follow all the tools as well as lending procedures applicable material demand.

In general, the laboratory has functions including:

1.Tempat doing experiments. Laboratory and materials lab is not possible to put dlam class and therefore experiments were conducted in laboratoriu.

2.Tempat support classroom activities. With the learning activities in this lab, the student / students can observe gajala-symptoms that occur in the experiment directly, rather than just learning according to existing theories only.

3. As a display or cast. The laboratory can also be used as a place of exhibition or display of the results of the experiment / research we have done. So as to motivate them to study or percobaam better.strategi pemasaran

4.Tempat collection of a number of endangered species. With this collection allows us to make observations on some species that are difficult to find.

5.Sebagai mini museum. The results of the study as well as a number of rare species dpaat we have collected and classified, so that the laboratory can be used as a mini museum.

In a laboratory study has a specific purpose for the student or students, including:

1.Teliti in melakuakn observation and careful in doing the recording at the time of observation.cara membuat instagram

2.Dapat interpreting the results of experiments in order to obtain the discovery and solve problems.

3.Mampu to plan and carry out experiments.

4.Terampil in using laboratory equipment.

5.Tumbuh positive attitude towards practical activities.

Well it is a description of the laboratory management , hopefully with their explanation menganai add to our knowledge of laboratory management.